Unmasking the Spiritual Ego: A True Journey to Spiritual Growth


In the realm of spirituality and personal growth, it’s not uncommon for individuals to experience what’s known as the “spiritual ego.” This subtle and often insidious phenomenon can hinder our path to genuine enlightenment in the worst and most unexpected ways. In this blog post, we’ll explore what the spiritual ego is, when it tends to emerge, how to recognize its presence, how to act in front of someone with spiritual ego, and the profound impact it can have on those around us.


Firstly, it’s very important to understand the spiritual ego – what that is, what it does to people, how it makes people act in certain ways and most importantly, how to deal with it if you recognize that you’re spiritual ego has been taking over you in some ways.

So, it’s not a secret that the spiritual ego can sneak into our lives when we’re earnestly seeking self-awareness and enlightenment. It often arises when we become overly attached to our spiritual identity or achievements, confusing these external aspects with our true inner essence. While on the surface, it might appear as though we’re evolving spiritually, underneath, the ego is at play. It can really mess up our lives if we let it take over us and keep living as if we’re more enlightened, better and have much more achieved than others around us.


Recognizing the presence of the spiritual ego necessitates engaging in a sustained and introspective process of deep self-reflection, one that involves delving into the recesses of our consciousness, confronting our innermost beliefs, and peeling away the layers of our self-identity to uncover the subtle, yet impactful, manifestations of ego within our spiritual journey. Here are some telltale signs to watch out for:

  • Feelings of Superiority: Believing that your spiritual path is superior to others or that you’ve reached a higher state of consciousness.

  • Judgment and Criticism: Passing judgment on those who don’t share your spiritual beliefs or practices.

  • Constant Display: A compulsive need to demonstrate your spirituality through words, symbols, or actions, making others feel uncomfortable or less worthy.


The spiritual ego doesn’t exist in a vacuum, rather, its presence casts a pervasive shadow that extends to encompass and influence those in our immediate circle and broader community, impacting the dynamics of relationships and often resulting in unintended consequences that ripple through our interactions and connections with others. Here are some examples of it:

  • Distance in Relationships: The perceived superiority and judgmental attitude can create emotional distance and discomfort in relationships.

  • Alienation: Friends and loved ones might feel alienated or not “spiritual enough,” leading to strained connections.

  • Missed Connections: The ego can blind us to the genuine wisdom and insights of others, causing us to miss out on valuable learning experiences.

If you find yourself in the company of someone exhibiting signs of a spiritual ego, it’s essential to exercise patience and understanding. Sometimes, the best approach is to take a step back and allow them the space and time to confront their egoic tendencies. Allow their journey towards self-awareness and humility to unfold naturally. Most importantly, don’t try to prove something to them or to tell them that they have heightened spiritual ego, they simply won’t listen and understand you, all you would do – you’d waste your so precious energy. After some time has passed, reach out with an open heart and mind to re-establish contact. This pause can reveal whether the connection you once shared remains, untarnished by the shadow of spiritual ego, or if it’s time to navigate a new path towards mutual understanding and authenticity.


Embarking on the transformative journey of breaking free from the clutches of the spiritual ego is not merely a momentary shift but rather a profound and ongoing process, marked by a commitment to cultivating humility, fostering authentic spiritual growth, and constantly seeking self-awareness. This journey invites us to peel away layers of egoic attachments and delusions, unveiling the true essence of our spiritual path, and forging a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.
Here are some steps how you can help yourself:

  • Self-Inquiry: Engage in deep self-inquiry to recognize the ego’s patterns and triggers.

  • Cultivate Humility: Embrace humility as a core virtue on your spiritual path. Acknowledge that every individual’s journey is unique and valid.

  • Practice Compassion: Extend compassion to yourself and others, recognizing that we are all imperfect beings on a shared journey.

  • Connect Authentically: Foster genuine connections with others, valuing their wisdom and insights without judgment.

The journey from the grips of the spiritual ego to authentic spiritual growth is a transformative one. By recognizing its presence, embracing humility, and cultivating compassion, we not only free ourselves from the shackles of ego but also create an environment of unity, love, and true spiritual connection. In letting go of the spiritual ego, we find our path illuminated by the pure light of genuine enlightenment.

✨✨✨And please always remember, that each and everyone of us has our own unique path, our own difficulties and processes that we’re dealing with, so no matter if you’re surrounded by people with heightened spiritual ego or by the ones who have already gone through transformation – always be kind to each other.✨✨✨

May your spiritual journey be one of authenticity, humility, and boundless love for yourself and all beings.💫

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