Obsidian & Amber


Protect and balance your energy with our Obsidian and Amber bracelet. Find protection, positivity, grounding, and warmth.  

Obsidian is a powerful protective stone, shielding against negative energies. Paired with Baltic Amber, it provides a balanced sense of protection and grounding. Baltic Amber is known for its warm and positive energy, promoting a sunny disposition and helping to dispel negativity. Both stones contribute to emotional healing. Amber aids in releasing emotional blockages, while Obsidian encourages self-reflection and inner growth. Obsidian enhances mental clarity and focus, making it easier to set and achieve goals, while Amber’s energy brings mental stability. This combination balances the yin and yang energies within, fostering a harmonious and centered state of being. Both stones align with the throat chakra, enhancing communication and self-expression. Amber and Obsidian together are believed to enhance manifestation abilities and protect those intentions. 

Please note: each bracelet is meticulously crafted using 8mm gemstones. Due to variations in lighting conditions, the colors may slightly differ from what is depicted in the photographs, adding to the unique charm of each piece. Similarly, with our amber pieces, please understand that each one is inherently unique and individual, resulting in natural variations in color, size and texture.


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