SHREE HANUMAN natural Tibetan incense (10 pieces)


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𑁍 10 rope incense pieces 𑁍

Tibetan organic incense are based on a mixture of pure herbs, which are found in the Himalayan region. In ancient times, there were the only type of incense available in Tibet, Nepal, India and the Himalayan region. This was before the introduction of modern stick forms. 

However, one must note that the stick form somehow loses it aroma due to its intense blend of its ingredients. 

In recent times, people all over the world are requesting in increased demand organic products (including incense). People want incense in its natural form. This is the main reason behind the introduction on the Tibetan organic incense, 
The ancient tradition is being revived, Incense have an array of beautiful aromas. 



Please burn the incense and while holding it on your right hand visualize or think of higher beings like Gods; Goddesses; Buddha’s; Bodhisattvas; or any deity to whom you want to offer it with a sincere and pure heart (and at the same time as for their blessings and protection). If you have some other wishes or prayers it can also be said.

Afterward please place it in an incense burner (specially recommended Tibetan one that has metal plates). If you don’t own one, then place it on either a metal plate or ceramic plate.



– smells from incense denote safe feelings with positive energy where it’s burnt. 
– the Tibetan organic incense neutralises negative energies and brings positivity to surroundings with its unique properties. 
– it has been proven already that Tibetan organic incense gives great blessings. 
– it is said that if one makes good wishes with right intentions and a pure heart while burning it, their wishes shall be fulfilled. 


𖣔 100% organic and 100% handmade.
𖣔 You can burn rope incense by lying it flat on a bed of sand or ash, which allows the entire rope to burn safely and completely or use a rope incense burner.
𖣔 The incense can be cut into smaller pieces. 
𖣔 It’s a perfect a tool for management, balanced body, mind and energy to live a happy life.
𖣔 Burned for air purification, strengthens psychic powers, attracts love and sprituality.
𖣔 Brings harmony, peace, success, abundance, clarity, tranquillity.


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